gatherings: lake bryan

this weekend i went out for a walk and some geocaching at lake bryan, the closest large body of water you can find in the area.  this being texas, it isn’t even a lake, but a utility reservoir.  regardless, there is beauty to be found in the sedges, yaupon and oak meadows that surround it.  i didn’t have a camera with me at the time, but i gathered bits and pieces that caught my eye between gray clouds and scattered raindrops:


the strikingly silver gray leaves of Baptisia bracteata were the first to catch my eye:

Baptisia bracteata, longbract wild indigo

and then the orange blades of dessicated grass tufts:

Andropogon sp., bluestem of some sort (?)

stones and moss and teeny-tiny wildflowers:

Houstonia micrantha, small bluet, on stone

and the most useful of discarded sewing accoutrement:

to measure

i found the last item near water filled vehicle ruts that were at least eight inches deep…  perhaps someone tried to find the humor of being stuck in the middle of no where, only to quickly toss its novelty aside.  so i let it all hitch a ride home with me.


if we look closely enough the colors, light, shapes and texture of an area can reveal a bit of its vernacular to us.  in capturing tiny elements of the places i inhabit, i hope to better understand, if only be inspired by, the relationship between their various layers.


3 thoughts on “gatherings: lake bryan

  1. While on any outing, I am constantly picking things up and stuffing them in my pockets or in my backpack. They usually end up on the front porch or laying around the house. Maybe I could learn to satisfy myself with photos instead.

    • indeed. the person i was walking with said, ‘why are you carrying those things around?’ to which i replied, ‘because they’re pretty, and i want to take them home to take pictures of them.’ i realize that pictures are sometimes considered frozen moments in time, but the bits and pieces i gathered are scattered about the house where i can again look at them, pick them up and smile.

  2. Beautiful finds. I really love the first image. What a nice collection to build on (more individual gatherings, I mean, not gathering them all together 😉

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