what does 1,120 pounds of fresh mulch look like?

loading up at the bryan composting facility

this past saturday was sunny and beautiful, and since i’ve spent the last three weeks in houston for federal jury duty (that’s a 2.5 hour drive one way, thank god for friends with apartments downtown), mr. grwhryrpltd and i had a date with our garden.  first stop was to buy mushroom compost for our front yard turf elimination/garden expansion project.  second stop was to pick up free mulch at our neighboring city’s composting facility.  that’s right, i said free.  their mulch is basically chopped and shredded branch refuse from residents’ brush piles.  it’s a little rough around the edges, but then so are we is our landscape.  it all breaks down in time.

making progress...

obviously, a half ton of mulch wasn’t enough, but we’re making progress.  conveniently, the facility’s actual compost (mulch + municipal bio-solids that are windrowed, heated to 131F and turned at least 5 times by bulldozers) is also free this week (usually $28/ton), so i’ll be making another trip soon.  in the meantime, i used what stones we had lining the existing garden to delineate its future stone wall edge (don’t worry, it’s not going to be a polka-dot-stone wall forever), moved the frost-damaged kumquat into the new bed (i’m hoping a little tough love will inspire it to grow where it’s planted…), pruned back the ornamental grasses and roses, and half-way dug out the crappy crape myrtle that was planted too close to the house.  i’m hoping mr. grwhrypltd will dig the rest of it out for me, after he finishes his drainage project on the other side of the yard… i told you our landscape is a little rough around the edges.  but it will be the envy of any plantsperson all in good time…


2 thoughts on “mulch

  1. wow, that’s a lot of free mulch. Very cool. Can’t wait to see the stone wall, (and the rest of the garden, of course!) are you building it yourselves?

  2. are we building it ourselves… what a silly question… of course we are! and hopefully while the weather is still cool and beautiful…

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