for the past couple of weeks i’ve been detained in houston during the day, but i can’t yet tell you why.  since it’s a 2.5 hour drive one way, i’ve been staying in town to avoid the long commute.  in the evenings i’ve been able to do some exploring around town.  one night i unintentionally turned down a road where a purple-blue glow quickly caught my eye.  parking was readily available, so i decided to stop and see if it was what i thought it was.

houston's buffalo bayou

it was.  a while back LAM had an article on the renovation of buffalo bayou into a multi-use recreational zone.  this link will take you the ASLA’s 2009 professional awards website for the project so you can read more about it.  the purple-blue glow that caught my eye was a flood light that is part of the area’s unique lighting plan.  i enjoyed walking along the paths underneath the highway system, and soon found that many other people did as well.  here are some other aspects of the area that caught my eye:

john runnels' side.walk.poem

see john runnel’s website here.

exfoliating concrete light poles nicely mimic the bark of the sycamore trees
highway sculpture lighting (???)
Platanus (sycamore)
illuminated roadway (sabine st)
illuminated bayou skyline

if you read the ASLA website you probably figured out that this is just a small part of a much larger master plan for the entire bayou.  if you want to find out even more, check out the buffalo bayou partnership website here.  this area is a unique urban landscape that, i bet, most houstonians don’t even know about, but should definitely go experience.


3 thoughts on “detained

  1. hmmm… mysterious! i have a guess but will respectfully (and legally) keep it to myself! 🙂 great post about the project- i love love love the exfoliating concrete columns!!!

  2. Hey Gorgeous! When can you tell us? or would you have to kill us? That would be so unlike you. Can’t wait to find out about your little mystery. I love that the light posts look like sycamores. We have tons of London Plane trees up hear in NYC- are they related?

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