growth ring no.1

today marks a year in the blogosphere for grwhryrpltd, and i wanted to celebrate the making of its first growth ring with you.  while i don’t have any images of cross-cut trees to share, i found these lovely growth rings this morning:

Stereum ostrea, turkey tail fungus

there’s nothing like a walk in the woods or stroll in the garden to find a bit of inspiration and gratitude… thank you, dear readers, for coming along with me.  here’s to another year of growing where you’re planted…


9 thoughts on “growth ring no.1

  1. Happy 1st Birthday! I’ve enjoyed your blog. Thanks for taking the time and sharing the knowledge. Wishing you many more years of blogging to come.

  2. Happy #1! Looking forward to celebrating with you in July. Peeked at your twitterfeed. How is the kitty after the scorpion bite?!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I just love your blog. It’s such an embodiment of your creativity and sweet and quietly knowledgable voice. Will you be up in July? Or is L going to see you? I’ll be near Ithaca in July- let me know if we can visit!

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