bare root

yesterday the tamu holistic garden was hosting a fruit tree sale, so a friend picked me up in her fancy new truck and we headed to campus. they had several cold-tolerant species to offer including apricots, peaches, pears, persimmons and plums, and even some heat-tolerant apples. figuring that some of our citrus will decline due to our recent and current cold snap (yes, those posts need updating…), i think we’ll be able to find some room in the landscape for hardier selections.

bare root additions

the hort club acquired good quality bare root trees from a regional nursery. if you aren’t familiar with the benefits of planting bare root trees, see this resource from cornell’s urban horticulture institute.  in general, bare root trees are easier to plant because 1.) you can see exactly where the root flare is, and not have to guess where the correct soil level is (b&b and container plants often bury this level, resulting in suffocated roots, but reason enough to rent an air spade), 2.) you can inspect the quality of the roots and prune out any girdling, wayward or broken roots without washing off the soil from the entire root ball (because really, who wants to give a tree a bath time you plant one?), and 3.) you don’t have to dig a huge hole to accommodate the root ball (in this heavy clay soil?  where’s my mattock?).  they’re even easier to ship and move around:

light as a feather

now all i have to do is find the right spot for the methley plum, kieffer pear, ayres pear and black spanish grape i acquired…  move over, crape myrtle, your time has come…


5 thoughts on “bare root

  1. Cool! So do the people selling the trees give them a bath first, or do they grow them in something really light and fluffy so it’s easy to extract them when ready to sell? Go fruit!

    • but how is your online/catalog shopping going…? i’m sure you have a few pages dog-eared…

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