it’s a bleak mid-winter this january bloom day.  the cold spell we had last week had many gardeners frantic, emptying their closets of cast-off sheets and blankets as a last-minute attempt to save their tender plants.  the strawberries in our garden seemed to appreciate their blanket of basil prunings:

fragaria, safe under a tumbled blanket of basil
fragaria, safe under a tumbled blanket of basil

if only the citizens of haiti were so fortunate…  my heart goes out to them all…  especially the ones that make “zee paper flowers…”  may they receive the water, nutrients, light and love to bloom and grow once again…

happy bloom day.


2 thoughts on “bleak

  1. Is there a particular reason to use basil as a cover for strawberries, or was that just what they happened to get? I’ve heard pine needles work well because they help keep the strawberries off the ground and also (I think) provide some acidity.

    • hi dreamybee. i had LOTS of dried basil cuttings left over from the summer that didn’t make it into the compost pile yet, and thought they’d be a perfect windbreak for the strawberries. so now i anticipate having lots of basil seedlings coming up with the berries come spring, a nice combination for both the palate and eye.

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