winter song

i couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate winter solstice with you all:

this beautiful song was written and sung by sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson.  the video was animated by crush design and art direction.  the song and video were released last year, when i originally heard and fell in love with it.  the combination brought both tears and smiles to my face…

may your winter be warm and light fill your heart…


5 thoughts on “winter song

  1. I’m encouraged to know that we may yet expect berries from our Bittersweets. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry to hear they’re invasive though.
    Loved your fireplace with favorites. So cozy, and some very neat keepsakes 🙂
    Also loved hearing “Wintersong” and seeing that sweet video. How talented some people are!
    We had the most wonderful time with Kylie home for 2 weeks. She left just this morning and we miss her already. It sure is a treat to have some quality time with the (big) kids after they leave home to do their own thing 🙂 Every parent should be so lucky!
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!

    • thanks for your kind comments kerri. i’m so glad to hear you had a nice visit with ms. kylie… holidays are the best with family around! happy new year to you as well…

  2. Love is alive! (and running down my face.) I just love this and had to share it as my status on FB. Thank you for introducing me to it. I love that my Mum reads your blog now. You three gardener (with Miss Lynn) are my favorites and I’m glad you’re hanging out on each others’ blogs.

    • yay all around! it is a sweet song and video, and i just noticed that love is starting to spring around here… i see bulbs just starting to come out… sending sweet thoughts your way ms. kylie…!

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