the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that saint nicholas soon would be there…

but wait a minute, saint nick won’t be able to stuff these stockings.  he could stretch some newly knit stockings on them though…

i just had to show this to the knitting crowd amongst you.  the sock stretchers, imprinted with an “11” at the top, came from a collection of my mom’s.  i remember when she had them hanging on the wall in our family room, but i had no idea what they were for.  she wasn’t even a knitter at that time, but appreciated antiques – especially those related to hand crafted items.

speaking of, she painted the three santas on the left hand side of the mantle.  she taught tole painting in our basement when we were growing up, and sold her work at craft shows in the tri-state area.  it’s so nice to have some of her handwork become part of our holiday decorating…

the flattened wire star came from a ball and burlaped tree basket that i acquired at the first nursery i ever worked at in michigan (abbotts).  i find it to be a beautiful, yet utilitarian item that reminds me of my roots.  it’s traveled with me to the places i’ve since lived.

we picked up the wavy-glass mirror when we were celebrating our wedding anniversary in toronto a few years back.  found it at a wonderful weekly antique market, but i couldn’t tell you where.

the picture is of the two of us when we lived “the good life” in colorado, prior to grad school.   i had three jobs but managed to learn how to snowboard.   i don’t care how easy people say it is to do – it was one of the hardest skills i’ve had to learn so far, but i can at least get down the mountain now.   it reminds us of the cold, snow, and stylish outdoor gear we used to be surrounded with.

the glass jars were salvaged from a lab in the same building that the mister spent most of his graduate career.  they were on a table marked “free”.   he brought them home, knowing i would love them.

one of the jars holds a pinecone-studded branch from a local friend’s newly purchased property.  due to the clay soil and high sodium water in our area, we can’t grow pines, but she searched long and hard to find just the right spot so that she could.  it’s only half an hour away.

my mom sent the wreath for our anniversary gift this year.  it’s made of preserved basil, cedar, coffeeberry, manzanita and salal – and smells nice.  i add things to it as the seasons change.  this time it holds a wooden bird to coordinate with my collection of bird ornaments on this year’s christmas tree.

an antique basket on wheels fronts the fireplace.  i found it this spring in warrenton, during their acclaimed antique weekend not too far from here.  the wheels actually work and roll smoothly.  it’s heavy duty.  and it holds pillows nicely.

what favorite things are you surrounding yourself with these days?


4 thoughts on “favorites

  1. That’s some most excellent decor you’ve got going on there my love. You and your mum are VERY talented. (and Mr. Grwwhryrplntd is excellent at finding beautiful stuff and makes a damn fine xmas tree.)

  2. Sharing your Christmas spirit on your blog was such a priceless gift. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a 2010 filled with many beautiful days and joyous memories.

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