fruited blooms

while the first day of winter has yet to officially arrive, the affects of the season are apparent here in texas.  the st. augustine grass is brown and dormant; frost has decimated the above-ground portion of tender plants to a blackened skeleton; and the drizzly weather has percolated into the muddy earth.  that said, there’s not much blooming in our garden this bloom day… however, on my walk around the neighborhood this morning i captured a few seasonal moments of what were previously blooms:

Ilex vomitoria (yaupon holly)
Smilax rotundifolia (green briar)
gorgeous Smilax rotundifolia foliage
Crataegus spathulata (little hip hawthorn)
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (coralberry)
Ligustrum vulgare (privet) - an invasive, i know...
Maclura pomifera (Osage orange, hedge apple)
Maclura pomifera fruit (Osage orange, hedge apple)
Ilex decidua (possumhaw holly) - the orange berries are an unusual find around here !!!
Cerotama ilex decidua "Wannabeus"
Crataegus crus-galli (cockspur hawthorn)
holy crus-galli!
Photinia sp. (Christmas berry)

as you can see, there’s lots of “winter” interest around here.  you just have to stop and look closely enough to see and appreciate them.

happy bloom day, and happy holidays to you.


10 thoughts on “fruited blooms

  1. Happy bloom day to you too! Those thorns are incredible. I adore winter berries for their amazing colors. (I adore you too!)

  2. Wow, wow wow! What unique plants you have and such great photography. The Maclura Pomifera is so interesting. And I really like the shots of the berries. What camera do you use?

    • thanks stevie! but i must admit – the photos were taken on my walk this am, and not actually in my garden. i try to find interesting things in the “wilds” of our suburban neighborhood and am usually poking around the wooded edges to do so. the camera – it’s an old sony cyber-shot we had lying around – not the greatest, but i dropped my trusty nikon a while ago, and am hoping that santa is good to me this year…
      thanks so much for stopping by. i enjoyed finding your blog and will visit often.

  3. thanks for your comment melody!

    linda – how did your mini hedge apple hold up? i’ve tried to dry them before, but haven’t had much luck as they usually rot or grow some kind of fungus on the surface. i guess some things are better left to rot than be collected.

  4. Kylie sent me here to see your “Christmas Tree”. Funny! great sense of humor 🙂
    Then I noticed your Bloom Day post!
    What a wonderful collection of berries you have. I need to add more berry bearing shrubs to our garden. I don’t know what’s going on with the 2 American Bittersweets we planted a few years ago, but I haven’t seen berries on them yet even though they’re growing well.
    I first saw those interesting hedge apples walking in Central Park with Kylie 🙂
    I think I remember having a conversation with you about flowers at K&K’s wedding party.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Texas. It has to be a lot warmer than upstate NY!
    Kerri (Kylie’s mom).

    • hey kerri, thanks for stopping by! of course i remember you and our talks of flowers… i hear ms. kylie is spending more time at the farm, and i am jealous but excited for her. my mom planted bittersweet about eight years ago – she was about to give up on them (and told them so), and wouldn’t you know, they produced fruit for the very first time this year. too bad they’re considered an aggressive invasive. i guess once they start fruiting, they don’t stop…
      sending warm holiday thoughts your way…

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