sweet trees

i spent some time this weekend decorating for the holidays.  it’s one of my favorite things to do, especially when i have the time to actually MAKE some of them.  one project i thought of this year was to make a group of trees using seedpods of the sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) that i collected a while back in georgia.  the photos don’t do them justice, but i like how the trees turned out.  i just can’t feel my thumb and forefinger anymore.

sweet gum trees
sweet gum trees
sweet gum trees
sweet gum trees

i wanted to make five trees (because you know, it’s better to plant in odd-numbered groupings than in even…) but i ran out of seedpods for the largest styrofoam cone form.  oh well, guess i’ll just have to go gathering again, this time closer to home.

meanwhile, mr grwhryrpltd was working on a tree of his own for the front yard… it’s not done yet,  but i can’t wait to show it to you.  okay, you twisted my arm,  here’s a teaser photo:


9 thoughts on “sweet trees

    • thanks linda – i’ve debated about lightly spraying them bronze, since that’s the color i used to spray the styrofoam cones… but maybe i’ll wait till next year to spray them, if only to hide the dust that’s sure to accumulate!

  1. I love your seed pod trees! Well done. I hope the feeling returns to your fingers soon. Looking forward to Mr. Grwhryrpltd’s tree too.

  2. thanks laura – one of the “tops” got knocked off already. they are fragile, but nothing a little hot glue can’t remedy. what are you crafting this holiday season?

  3. […] a few posts back i promised to reveal the “tree” that mr. grwhryrpltd was working on this weekend.  he had to take a work trip this week, so progress has been a bit delayed.  since it’s not done yet, and i know how much some of you really wanted to see it (ahem, kylie and maggie…), i hauled it into the garden just for fun.  here’s a view of the process: plywood cutout primed painted ready to hang, errr, stake […]

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