the morning after i wrote my last blog post i put on my mudders and headed out to check on the citrus.  i was a bit leery of what the frost and cold temperatures might have done to the young trees, but curiosity got the best of me and i had to take a closer look…  as i unwound the twine around the top of the sheeted frost protection silo (i know that sounds odd, but that’s what i’m calling them), i peered on tippy-toes to see inside:

a mostly green blood orange
a yellowed tangelo
a yellowed and droopy grapefruit
a very yellowed satsuma

the kumquat that we covered with a plastic tub came through just fine, but i somehow managed to miss photographing it.  the fifth silo was covering a box, which was covering the remaining avocado.  it was also nice and green, but since it really hasn’t grown much all year i’ve pretty much lost interest in it, even though mr. grwhryrpltd doesn’t want to give up on it yet.

i know the citrus trees don’t look their best, but i wasn’t too disappointed in what i saw.  to be honest, the leaves on most of the trees had started to turn yellowish before the cold snap, probably due to a lack of nitrogen, and the to-be-expected color change of normal senescence.  the past few days have been overcast, contributing to decreased light levels – and the sheets certainly haven’t assisted in the leaves’ chlorophyll department.  but why, you ask, haven’t we picked the blood orange, tangelo and grapefruit yet?  because someone wants to let them ripen a bit more, and as i read somewhere, the best storage place for citrus is on the tree.

elsewhere in the garden, the frost effects are more pronounced:

Belamcanda and Caladium
Justicia spicigera
Rosmarinus 'Blue Lady'
Solanum (eggplant)
Clerodendrum ugandense
Hibiscus coccineus

the temp is again expected to drop to upper twenties by morning… i wonder what will advance to the next round…


One thought on “thawed

  1. I have never seen such beautiful pictures of dead plants! Hope the citrus makes it. We finally got our hard frost two nights ago.

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