frozen rain gauge

as forecasted, we received freezing temperatures this weekend.  while friday’s “snow” melted on contact, the overnight frost left more than a lingering impact.

fearing what such low temps could do to our still young citrus trees, mr. grwhryrpltd and i managed to construct five frost protection “silos” out of welded wire mesh and queen-sized sheets with coastal hay around the graft union of each tree.

a caged satsuma
a look inside the blood orange silo
look honey, there's a silo in the neighborhood

our efforts were timely because the temps dropped to 36 degrees overnight.  friday warmed up to 42 but then dropped to 24 in the wee hours of saturday morning. when we awoke, the view of the garden was crisply beautiful, but i knew that the sun would soon render the frozen foliage into a blackened, turgorless body.

a frosty morning
hyacinth bean loses turgor pressure
chipped ice from the wheelbarrow
frosty purple basil
frosty artichoke

as the day warmed the frost’s beauty away, i was saddened to see what we forgot to cover…  oddly enough, neither of us were brave enough to peak into the frost protection silos to see how the citrus fared, but today’s warmer temperatures and soaking rain has me curious…


3 thoughts on “frozen

  1. I cannot believe that you guys have had a killing frost before we have. No Way! Actually, we might have dipped down to 34 last night. At least in my neighborhood we’ve still got plants. It’s just so weird. This is one of the warmest climates I’ve ever lived in. Who’d a thunk it of NYC?
    miss you!

  2. yes, the silos are a little on the big side, but we’re hoping to use them next year too – but only if they prove effective!

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