it was a bit chilly on my walk this morning,  a whopping 40 degrees, so i decided to wade through the neglected hat and mitten bin to see what friends i could find to accompany me.  after donning my favorite fair isle tam (hand knit by an everyday anthropologist) and the first mittens i ever knitted (that have seen better days…), i headed out the door.  twenty minutes later, i was sufficiently warm but kept them on, because really – it’s a rare event when i can wear them.

cool weather friends

inspired by the russet fall colors that are finally starting to show ’round these parts, i headed toward the garden to enjoy its spare colors.

Brassica 'Colorup Purple'
Chasmanthium latifolium
Rosa 'Sunny Knockout'
Prunus persica 'Sam Houston'

then i remembered that a box containing thirty Narcissus tazetta ‘Italicus’ was recently delivered from the the bulb hunter.  this weekend’s rains prevented me from planting them right away, but this was their morning to snuggle down into the soil.

Narcissus tazetta 'Italicus'

frost is in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow morning, and the radio professor just mentioned a chance of snow (yeah right)… so snuggle in little bulbs, i can’t wait to see your pretty little faces.


5 thoughts on “chilled

  1. What a beautiful post. Strangely, hte weather in NYC has been so warm that I haven’t really put on a sweater very often. Is it too much to ask for a killing frost by December 4th? I want sweater season! Glad to hear you got to wear your beautiful tam and mitties.

  2. surprised to hear it’s not sweater weather for you m’dears… it actually snowed for a bit yesterday, dropped into the 20’s here last night, and we woke up to frost. now it’s starting to feel like december…

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