gobble gobble!

i took this picture last january during one of the locavores tours, and have been waiting patiently to share it with you.  i hope it makes you smile as much as it did me.

gobble gobble, rrrwoof!

mrs. t, the turkey in the photo above, has seen many happy thanksgivings.  from what her owners told us, she will continue to do so because she has such an amiable personality, as her canine friend so obviously proves.

happy thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “gobble gobble!

  1. Too cute! I’m glad you thought to save it until now and remembered to bring it out. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Nell Jean — Seed Scatterer

  2. That’s awesome! That’s one thankful Turkey. We saw a flock on the way into town on Wednesday, some with tails fanned out, looking very thankful, and then another flock on the way to the SYR airport yesterday. Now in Berkeley, and one is going into the oven…

  3. that’s a great photo, fox. i can’t look at that dog without laughing.
    the turkey’s clearly the brains of the operation.

    • yes, and the turkey knew it too. maybe franklin was onto something when he suggested the turkey for the national bird…?

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