i just found out that my dear friend lynn was recognized by horticulture magazine as one of the year’s  top 20 favorite garden blogs!  and for good reason too.  with her keen eye and sharp mind, she captures beautiful moments wherever she goes – be it in her upstate ny garden, on travels near and far, or with her adventurous and furry companions.

so be sure to check out her blog, sin city to slaterville, and peruse the other 20 favorites as well (both linked above).

we’ve only known each other for a few years, but our shared obsession with plants quickly solidified our friendship.  she even inspired me to start this blog… and how grateful i am that she did…

grwhryrpltd and travelinbride in the springs, august 2008

congratulations to you, ms. lynn, and your little beagle too!



3 thoughts on “hooray!

  1. I find both of you to be so inspiring and I can’t wait to be done with school so I can go and grow things. I’ll have to work on my camera skills though so I can be as skillful a photographer as either of you. You guys rock! Carry on, pip pip!

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