the weather’s been so nice here the past week or so that i have to keep telling myself that it’s november and not may.  but this is only my second fall season in texas, so i continue to gauge how the seasonal weather patterns present themselves in the garden.  since today is garden blogger’s bloom day (gbbd, hosted by may dreams gardens), here’s a few observations from our fall garden:

pansy, brassica and ophiopogon combination
muhlenbergia, basil and rosa 'Sunny Knock Out'
pomegranate, crepe myrtle, purple basil, muhlenbergia and lantana
panicums ('Prairie Skies' and 'Shenandoah') and Rudbecia hirta

now that the summer’s heat has finally subsided, the vegetable garden is once again in full swing:

first official green bean harvest
the peppers have bounced back and are finally turning color
the tomatoes and basil continue to produce

and surprise… the bulbs that i’ve associated with spring have started to come up!  daffodil foliage has already emerged while other bulbs have sent up their flowers:

a blood lily surprise (bloomed in july, turgid foliage until nov, and blooming again)!

but the summer caladium bulbs are senescening, giving way to other ornamentals:

the ugandense clerodendron is about to open while the caladium fades away

this eclectic mix is what november has to offer in our fall garden.

happy bloom day.


5 thoughts on “eclectic

  1. well, well…i thought it was green here but texas has got washington beat by a long shot. how crazy to come from michigan and new york winters and now to have vegetables growing in november. i keep waiting for it to get “cold” here but i think i’m going to be always be waiting. but i certainly don’t miss seeing zero on the thermometer for weeks at a time. but i suppose that’s its own kind of beauty. cold beauty.

  2. Yes it’s November, but you’d hardly know it looking at your plants. In addition to the great flowers, I like how you’ve shown them, almost a plant’s-eye-view of the world. The first photo, in particularly gives me the sensation of viewing the world from low down and looking at the great details like the pink veins of the pansies and brassica leaves.

    • thanks for noticing the details… they can reveal amazing nuances when captured at plant level, especially when the light is just right.

  3. Beautiful! I’m with Lostlandscape that your perspective really wows. In the porch pic it looks like those plants are enormous (and they probably are), about to swamp the house. So happy you’re finding the new beauty of fall, even if it starts out just feeling like a reprieve from the heat. And now you get to enjoy not just a fall harvest but a whole new crop 🙂

  4. Hey Gorgeous! What a beautiful garden you’ve got growing there! I’m so jealous that the veggies are producing again. It’s been quite warm up here too in the city and today it should be up to 65 degrees. I have a nice crop of geraniums- not nearly as nice as your lovely garden though! Miss you.

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