felted acorns

while the state tree of texas is the pecan, i personally associate oak trees to be the pre-eminent native tree of texas, if only because they are planted and growing EVERYWHERE around here!  at IQF i was inspired to make a felted interpretation of these trees’ mighty seeds.

take some pre-made felted balls (or spend a lot of time making your own…):

af_felt acorn_009a

felted balls

and glue on gathered acorn caps.  you might have to try a few on for size – Q. stellata (post oak) and Q. virginiana (live oak) were too small while Q. macrocarpa (bur oak) were too big.

af_acorn caps_001a

but the caps of Quercus nigra (water oak) acorns were just right

and make a whole bunch, or shall i say, peck of them:

af_felt acorns_004a

felted acorns

af_felt acorns_008a

a peck of felted acorns

while individually sweet, i’m thinking of stringing these on some twine of jute to decorate the branches of oak that can no longer flourish acorns on their own… it’d extend the fall seasonal display on the front porch.  fun…!

af_felted acorns_011a

a felted acorn line up


8 thoughts on “felted acorns

  1. OMG, cutest thing ever in homage to trees. Crafty bitch hahahaaa! OMG you should sell them for like $7 each at Gardens…

  2. You nut…I love these acorns and wish we could walk around town and picking up stuff and you could tell me what to do with it.

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