a quilted garden

a few weeks ago i attended the international quilt festival in houston and promised to show you some of the amazing quilts i photographed there.  as usual, i found myself drawn to quilts that depicted elements found in nature.  so come and take a stroll with me through the iqf garden… (all images are credited with the artist’s name and title).

let’s start with the handi quilter best of show award (and $10,000) winning quilt:


on the wings of a dream, by caryl bryer fallert (paducah, ky)

check out the quilting detail:


detail, on the wings of a dream, by caryl bryer fallert

winner of the world of beauty award (and $7,500) went to this magnificent baltimore album quilt:


hearts and garlands, by liz jones (leominster, herefordshire, u.k.)


hearts and garlands, by liz jones (leominster, herefordshire, u.k.)


block detail, hearts and garlands, by liz jones

the future of quilting award ($1000) went to this lovely:


tuscan sun, by gina perkes (payson, arizona)

this quilt won honorable mention in the handmade category:


the endless world II, by noriko endo (nagoya, aichi, japan)


detail of the endless world II, by noriko endo

i loved the simple fabric selection in noriko’s depiction of a traditional grandmother’s garden quilt (above).  the next quilt won the handmade category ($1000):


white dew, by tsuneko shimura (tokyo, japan). embroidery on applique.

loved the hawaiian-inspired applique on this quilt:


my mother's quilt, by yachiyo katsuno (setagaya, tokoyo, japan)


detail of chrysanthemum. my mother's quilt, by yachiyo katsuno.

this quilt won the art-abstract, small category award ($1000):


building up, by kathy york (austin, tx)

according to the artist’s statement, the quilt above is a comment on the beauty of modern urban architecture, but also on its underlying population and consumption issues.  in it i saw plan views of both buildings and parterre gardens.


beyond the horizon, by mary ann hildebrand (comfort, tx)

the quilt above was AMAZING!  according to the artists’ statement (a wife and husband team), the appliqued design was based on a woodcut that appeared in Flammarions Book on Astronomy, first published in the late 1800’s.  here’s a detailed image:


detail, beyond the horizon, by mary ann hildebrand.

another blazing beauty:


rose mandala I, by anne lullie (lake in the hills, il)

the following quilt was inspired by a cross-sectional cut of a tree:


cycles of life, by jean wells keenan (sisters, or)

this quilt was just too funny, and as neon as it looks in the picture:


starbugs fly-thru cafe, by kathy kennedy-dennis (houston, tx)

this one was long and lean:


carrot farm, by carol morrissey (double oak, tx)

the next quilt was INCREDIBLE!  i loved the multiple perspective points along the split rail and field rows:


everyday barns & family farms, by karen hanken (medford, or)

you can’t really tell from the photos, but the multiple angles of the barn vignettes made the entire piece look like siding on an old barn.  here’s a detail:


detail of everyday barns & family farms, by karen hanken

i fell in love with this one:


keeping watch over carlson ranch, by david taylor (steamboat springs, co)

the artist used rust-dyed fabrics to realistically depict the owl’s feathers.  it.was.STUNNING.  here are some details:


detail of feather applique, keeping watch over carlson ranch, by david taylor


detail of quilting, keeping watch over carlson ranch, by david taylor

the following whole-cloth quilt won the superior threads master award for thread artistry ($5000):


protection, by hollis chatelain (hillsborough, nc)


thread detail, protection, by hollis chatelain

yes, the ENTIRE image is made with thread…!


thread detail, protection, by hollis chatelain

the following quilt won the traditional pieced category award ($1000):


relationship, by kayoko hata (yokohama, kanagawa pref, japan)

i really liked its color palette:


detail, relationship, by kayoko hata

this quilt won honorable mention in the traditional applique category:


my challenge, by vicki jenkin (horsham, victoria, australia). based on magical medallion pattern by karen kay buckley.

every good quilt garden needs a classical reference or two:


medea escaping, by marilyn belford (chenango forks, ny)

and a way to mark time:


zodiac, by martha brown (pickering, ontario, canada)

zodiac was pretty amazing.  the image above was at the center and was surrounded by the artist’s interpretation of the astrological signs.  here’s a detail of leo:


detail of leo, in zodiac, by martha brown

and aries:


detail of aries, in zodiac, by martha brown

the show’s youngest white-glove curator (or so her mom told us) saw us looking at the quilt, and showed us its inspiration, which was stitched on the back of the quilt:


embroidered zodiac, made when the artist was a teenager (martha brown)

this next quilt was absolutely STUNNING:


african adventure, by janneke de vries-bodzinga (kollumekzwaag, friesland, netherlands)

great color gradations throughout, accentuated by tone-on-tone quilting:


leaf detail, african adventure, by janneke de vries-bodzinga

and the bubbles even looked like water:


bubble detail, african adventure, janneke de vries-bodzinga

the quilt below had lovely applique work and won first place in the mixed technique category ($1000).

note 3/24/10: i previously misidentified this quilt, but paula byrd brought it to my attention – my apologies to ms. jones, and thank you ms. byrd!


"the fernery" by liz jones (leominster, herefordshire, united kingdom)

this one was a pretty view:


a tree's nature, by lucia chan (forest hills, ny)

a moon garden:


she came by the light of the moon, by marlene shea (wethersfield, ct)

this quilt won first place in the minature quilt category:


mission: impossible 2, by kumiko frydl (houston, tx)

just look at the size comparison between the quilt and the blue ribbon!  its a teeny tiny 128 point mariner’s compass…!  proof nothing’s impossible for kumiko:


detail, mission: impossible 2, by kumiko frydl

this quilt won honorable mention in the art-painted surface category:


moon garden, by judy coates-perez (chicago, il)

the colors and lines on this quilt were quite nice:


winter to spring, by kathy york (austin, tx)

i REALLY liked this one:


surfing school-winter, by harumi iida (kamakura, japan)

and last, but certainly not least, we pass through the fabric forest:


fabric forest, an installation by the grobenzeller quiltgruppe of germany

there were many trees of fabric suspended from the ceiling.  you could walk around them to observe how different artists interpreted their favorite trees.  the aspen was my favorite:


detail of aspen, by vassen heidrun (unterhaching, germany), member of the grobenzeller quiltgruppe


walking through the quilted trees...

it was quite an inspiration, walking by all those quilts.  if you have any interest in design, regardless of your choice of media, i highly recommend making a trek to this show.  it will surely inspire you too.

if you want more information, or to see entire images of the winning quilts, click here.


9 thoughts on “a quilted garden

  1. Thanks for all the great photos. I am sending a link to all my fiber friends. A lot of the quilts are too bright and busy for my taste, but amazing workmanship. I especially like seeing where the quilters are from and if there is any relationship between their work and their cultural traditions. Loved the installation.

    • thanks for sharing the link with your friends. yes, it was a very colorful and diverse show. the tree installation was unique, but i would’ve liked to have seen it in a simple gallery setting where the distractions of lights, carpeting, and competing wall surfaces were eliminated.

  2. beautiful photos! i LOVE the owl and the african adventure, though they’re all remarkable for their craftsmanship.

  3. sweet jeezus! those are amazing! thanks so much for sharing- the timing was great because one of the ideas i’ve been mulling for a blog is a landscape/quilting/um…… yeah…..

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