festival trades

my mom and i recently got back from the international quilt festival in houston.  we had a great time…!  lots of quilt oogling, vendor perusing and mixed-media class taking.  while i sort through which of the 300+ photographs i took of the quilts to show you , here are images of the atc’s i traded for:

atc trades

atc trades (front)

top row (l to r): pokey bolton, founder and editor-in-chief of quilting arts magazine, lisa mallette of studio rose, pat schultz (no web presence that i could find).  bottom row (l to r): ana buzzalino of patches & paint, adena joseph of sew4real, maddy sibley (no web).  here’s an image of the backs:

atc trade (back)

atc trades (back)

i’m very pleased with my “trades” as each one spoke to me… other than maddy, who i was able to meet and exchange cards with personally, i have no idea who grabbed the other ones i stuck on the wall… maybe they will contact me, maybe they won’t – it’s all part of the fun.

stay tuned for future posts on the quilts featured at festival, and to see what mom and i produced in our mixed-media class…


6 thoughts on “festival trades

  1. those are beautiful cards. I love that the “jewels of the sea” card is by a ten year old. Very precocious.

  2. Adena Joseph is my daughter. I got to your website looking for hers. This is incredible. She has a website now. I will get the name and send it.

    • ah, the amazing world of technology…! thanks so much for stopping by! i really loved adena’s atc…

  3. Hi! This is Adena!!! I made one of your ATC’s and my mom found your post because she was trying to find my blog! Isn’t that funny, weird, crazy, and cool???? My blog is: http://www.sew4real.worpress.com

    I hope to hear from you!!! This is pretty neat…..

    • hi adena! so glad to meet you! thanks for finding me, or should we thank your mom? too bad we didn’t meet in person. i will definitely check out your blog. what fun trades were you able to snag? i’d love to hear the story behind your railroad postcard… i’m not on a regular blogging schedule, but i try to get in at least a few per month, so stop by again soon!

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