i’m actually early for this month’s bloom day, hosted, as always, by carol at may dreams gardens.  i have a beautiful bloom to share with you…  i missed it the last time they opened in our garden here, but i was fortunate to spot one unfurling today:

jaded chrysalis

another jaded chrysalis, this time above our front door



a hard landing

a hard landing (the chrysalis above is from the spring monarch hatching)

asclepia's rest

Asclepia's rest

i’m not so sure this was the best day for the monarch to come out of hiding.  the clouds and intermittent rain prevented the monarch’s wings from absorbing the heat of the sun’s rays.  i thought i’d be helpful and bring some open milkweed flowers for it to rest on (Asclepia is a primary food source for monarchs), but its proboscis seemed to be sensing the shape of things rather than searching for nectar.   when another major storm front moved through, i gently coaxed the butterfly from the concrete and onto the branch of a potted plant (Eupatorium) i have yet to put in the ground.  i hope the leafy porch shelter is amenable.  as of writing this post, the monarch is still there.  i was able to capture a few videos of the unfurling, but i’ll wait a while longer before posting them; hopefully she’ll fully bloom by then.

happy bloom day.


One thought on “unfurling

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never seen that. They seem to like you 🙂 Hope she spreads her wings soon.
    On the flip side of that, we seem to share your more unpleasant issue, but it’s not drats, it’s drouses…

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