no news on a camera update, but i have been looking at reviews and shopping around… so in cases when i must capture a moment, i take out my cell phone and hope for the best.  here’s what i’ve been distracting myself with the past week:

knitting bacchus socks for mom
knitting bacchus socks for mom

yes, i have lots of other projects to work on (like that long-ago promised sweater for mr. grwhryrpltd, who still patiently waits and reminds me about it, even in spite of the 95 degree weather…), but i picked up a skein of fiber optic yarns while at the michigan fiber festival that just had to be knit into socks.  as you can see, this pattern features bobbles to simulate grape clusters, and if you know my knitting history, understand my penchant for bobbles… one sock down, one to go…


2 thoughts on “distracted

  1. Went to a lecture you would have liked on Bohus Stickning, a stunning Swedish knitting style that lasted for 30 years where rural women made high-end fashion sweaters, hats, mittens as a way to support their families during the Great Depression. There is also a new documentary film about it: Bohus Knitting: From Relief Work to World Success. Love your socks!

    • hi linda! yes, i would’ve enjoyed the lecture, thanks for telling me about it. a friend of mine back in ny knows all the ins and outs when it comes to fair-isle knitting. the bohus examples i’ve seen are simply stunning – and it’s all about the color work…
      didn’t know about the documentary, i’ll have to check it out!

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