dirty soil

soil preparations, march 2009

soil preparations, march 2009

all right, it’s time to fess up – i’ve never had my soil tested (i know, the shock, the horror…).  i’ve thought about sending samples in to the local extension service on many occasions, especially here, where the soil is supposedly highly alkaline and high in sodium from the local water source.  after returning from our trip, i threw my hands up in disgust, once again, on seeing the sweet potatoes, zinnias and mint of all things, wilted and burned on the edges.  surely they must be screaming indicating something to me?

a deceiving image of Ipomoea and Zinnia wiltiness after a rain...

a deceiving image of Ipomoea and Zinnia wiltiness after today's rain...

granted, they’re all in different soil conditions.  the sweet potatoes in a raised bed filled with purchased topsoil amended with three kinds of compost (goat + turkey manure and composted kitchen scraps) and oak leaves to boot; the zinnias in a garden bed at grade and lightly fluffed; and the mint in a container of purchased soil.  it’s actually the sweet potatoes and the mint that look the worst.  why, i ask, WHY don’t you like the soil?  it it too dirty for you, oh plants?  i must find out in order to prepare and amend the beds for fall planting… stay tuned for the results, and in the meantime, see who else had their soil tested.  maybe that will help to boost soil testing trends this fall… i hope so.


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