hot, dry and wilted

i’m a day late for july’s garden blogger’s bloom day post, but you haven’t missed much here. it’s still hot, still dry, and there’s lots of summer heat still to come. so you can imagine what the garden is looking like…

hot, dry and wilted...
hot, dry and wilted...

there’s a few plants still hanging on, like the zinnias, sunflowers, butterfly weed and eggplant, but the rest i’m just giving up on (like you st. augustine)… in the meantime, i hear the weather forecast is calling for rain this weekend…

happy bloom day!


8 thoughts on “hot, dry and wilted

  1. It rained about 1/4″ at our house today and the temperature is gloriously cool, relatively speaking. I pray lots more rain will fall on our parched county today.

    • i think we got about the same amount here, and right after the irrigation system turned off (good timing)… i gotta say the cool breeze, dark and stormy clouds and brief rainfall were all refreshing. hopefully there’s more on the way this afternoon…?

  2. I know it’s a blogging cliche to say I’ll send you some of our rain, but we could easily spare it. Will your wilted specimens bounce back now that they’ve had some moisture?

    • we’ll take whatever rain encouragement we can get – my friend did a rain dance and that seemed to work, if only for 15 minutes…
      most of the wilted foliage is squash, zucchini and melons – amazingly, they wilt like that midday when the sun is on them, and once it goes down they perk right back up, even if we don’t irrigate them. i guess our clay soils are good at retaining whatever moisture they have. the lawn clipping mulch helps too.

  3. bummer. it’s never quite what we want, is it? I’m just happy to finally see some sun shining in Ithaca! Hold on, September is coming!

    • surely the sun is shining because felder rushing is on his way to ithaca… flamingos and bottle trees always make things seem brighter!

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