if wishes were flowers…

miss becky
miss becky

‘might i,’ quavered mary, ‘might i have a bit of earth?’ … ‘to plant seeds in – to make things grow – to see them come alive,’ mary faltered…

‘you can have as much earth as you want,’ he said.  ‘you remind me of some one else who loved the earth and things that grow.  when you see a bit of earth you want,’ with something like a smile, ‘take it child, and make it come alive.’

– frances hodgson burnett, the secret garden

happy birthday mom.


4 thoughts on “if wishes were flowers…

    • indeed… i have her to thank for giving me a ‘bit of earth’ so many years ago…
      i sent her a flower crown from SATX, and she wore it while dining and drinking a margarita (maybe even two…?!) with her friends. cheers to that!

  1. ‘The Secret Garden’ continues to have a profound influence on my enjoyment of gardening and on what I think the nicest gardens are like. I think the best bit arising from it is the way treasuring lots of little things which happen to be there or are planted because there is a place and an opportunity – can bring delight (especially in a walled garden which is usually more formal). The idea that one can garden for oneself and for a very small group of people whom we love – rather than for displaying to the world is also very precious.

    Esther Montgomery
    Esther’s Boring Garden Blog

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