well-drained soil

while on the blanco lavender festival tour (see previous post) i was interested to see if there were any differences in the soil conditions between the farms.  see for yourself:

soil conditions mosaic - suitable for growing lavender
soil conditions mosaic - suitable for growing lavender

some soils were reddish, some more grey, all were rocky (limestone and caliche).  most rows weren’t raised very high, but in these quickly-draining soils that wouldn’t be necessary.  all but one farm installed drip irrigation.  only one farm used mulch.  some planted closely together (3′ on center), others farther apart (9′ on center).  in my opinion, the healthiest-looking plants were slightly raised, irrigated, mulched and given good air circulation.  however, i couldn’t tell how old these particular plants were.  they could’ve been established under more ideal weather conditions than others, boosting the strength of the root system.  but as multiple farmers said during the tour, the worse soil conditions you have, the better for growing lavender.  interesting…


7 thoughts on “well-drained soil

    • it’s all about the air circulation baby… and getting your machinery down the rows, that is…

    • hi avis, thanks for stopping by! if i gleaned anything from this trip, it’s that lavender likes quickly draining soil, and enough heat to burn off any excess moisture around the crown of the plant. i’ve grown lavender in michigan, new york, and now here in texas. so far, my texas field trials are out doing my northern growing attempts, but it’s only year one, so we shall see…

  1. I still just don’t get why you’d go to the trouble of raising the beds. It goes without saying that I killed 3 lavender plants the first year (and haven’t gone back to try again) even though the woman I bought them from at the high school said, “they DEMAND good drainage!” Viva Texas Lavender! Maybe you/we should do a story for your little state magazine…

    • this is texas you know, the bigger the better, right? the more drainage the better…? viva lavendula indeed!

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