i can’t believe it’s may.  MAY!  a month i love.  the month we can finally celebrate the last frost date – but wait!  that was  back in michigan and new york.  frost is long since gone from this heat zone.  but may first it is.  while my seasonal navigation system still feels a bit off here, it’s no excuse not to celebrate may day.  i know there’s lots of complex history and connotations connected with this day, but for me it’s a simple recognition.  since i don’t have any spring bulbs blooming to give a dear friend (something my mom and i would always do), i decided to put up a maypole.  quite some time ago, a big wind blew down one of virginia’s limbs.  it’s been laying in the back yard ever since, providing branches for my seasonal displays on the front porch and vertical interest in my containers.  now it’s just in the way when we ever get around to mowing.  so i erected the may pole (ha ha, see connotations above) and hitched it on the raised vegetable garden trellis.  no pretty ribbons, but some pretty kickin’ fluorescent green rope!  and i will happily allow the beetles, spiders, ants, bees, birds and other critters who admire it to become its guardians, lest someone or something try to steal it away.

virginia as a maypole

virginia's at the maypole

the maypole hitched to the veggie garden trellis

the maypole hitched to the veggie garden trellis

no ribbons connected to a wreath, but this rope sure is pretty!

no ribbons here, but this rope sure is pretty!

sweet peas circle the maypole

sweet peas circle the maypole

i know, you think i’m bizarre.  thank you.

happy birthday susan, celebrate because it’s a BIG ONE!!!  see how many exclamation points i gave that?

happy may day.


2 thoughts on “maypole

  1. I love it! A TX-style maypole 🙂 We are thinking of you here in May while we get ever-closer to that magical avg. last frost date. Look too at those beautifully-designed raised beds with prolific greens! I need to hear what Mr. & Mrs. Professional Plant People think is the best way to stake/cage/trellis tomatoes. I refuse to use crappy small cages again, and the man doesn’t want to buy galvanized steel mesh to make proper strong tall ones. So we’re thinking of building a leaning trellis with boards and wire on hand. Please help stop the oncoming mad disarray!

    • as i said in my email to you, tomatoes are nothing to skimp on. i’m sure you’ll come up with both a creative and structurally sound alternative…! even if you have to loot c’s closet stash of wire coat hangers…!

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