rainbow at sunset

it was raining most of this afternoon and early evening – one of those days when you just want to curl up with a good knitting project.  when the rain stopped falling i noticed the light was different outside, and we went out to take a look:

evening rainbow to the southeast

evening rainbow to the southeast

sunset light

sunset street

you’d think that other people would’ve noticed and come out to enjoy it, but we were the only ones.  kinda eerie…

sunset light

sunset light

but beautiful…


8 thoughts on “rainbow at sunset

    • ha ha… i didn’t think that’d be a great photo to share with everyone… but look at those alabaster legs… hot stuff!

  1. No wonder you were stiff and your muscles and joints were screaming! I remember seeing the branch in your yard. Nice Maypole…..did anyone bring you a May basket?

    • thanks terri – no may basket for me. but i’m hoping for a good one in a week or so…! that branch has been down for a while now, so it wasn’t that heavy. now i’m sore from turf elimination round two…

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