earth day greetings

for today, this says it all:

local grocery bag art
we love it

i brought a friend some swiss chard from the garden today and she sent me home with oregano in this grocery bag she got at the heb.  glad to see the big ol’ grocery store extend an effort toward increasing environmental awareness issues and give young up-and-coming artists a canvas to express their opinions… even if it isn’t on a recycled, made in the u.s.a. bag…

happy earth day.


2 thoughts on “earth day greetings

  1. cute cute. Nice of HEB. Do you have a Central Market? You don’t need to with those gorgeous greens a-growin’! We *just* have spinach sprouting, so I hope the chard isn’t far behind. And the Sweet Peas FINALLY popped up. Took ’em 3 weeks, but then it’s been cold. “April showers,” I keep telling myself.

    • no central market here… have to go to houston or austin for one of those… glad to hear your sweet peas are finally up! and may is just around the corner…!

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