omg it’s the 15th!  while i’m sure many folks are a bit stressed about the primary item on today’s to-do list (if they haven’t already visited the post office), i’m happy to say that’s not my main worry.  my concern is that its been so long since i’ve last posted… i’ve had lots of things going on in the garden, and have taken a few field trips here and there, but haven’t made the time to write about them all… yet…  so in the meantime, here’s something i’m excited to share with you this april bloom day:

Pisum sativum
Pisum sativum

planted two months ago this day, the sweet peas have finally started blooming!  we usually planted them around this time back in ithaca, in the hopes that we’d be the first to harvest the sweet crunchiness of spring time.  the seeds we planted here in texas came from what we grew last year at the community garden, so i can only hope they’ll be as sweet in warmer climes.  happy bloom day!


2 thoughts on “sweet

  1. Mmmm, I love the smell of Sweet Peas.

    They remind me of Sweet Husband’s grandmother, who grew them in her garden. When we went for her funeral, it was just coming into bloom, and it made me so happy to think that her garden would go on.

  2. Beautiful shot! I just found a bunch of seeds from 2003, scarlet runner beans among them. I am going to throw them in the ground and see what happens. I’m hoping for some beautiful blooms like these.

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