march locavores

this past sunday the brazos locavores took their monthly field trip to leaning tree farm near millican, tx. garlin and lois vaughn, its proud owners, gladly met us and led us on a personalized walking tour through their orchard, fruit rows and vegetable fields. it was quickly evident why leaning tree farm is the largest vendor at the bryan farmers’ market.

leaning tree farm_0022
meet garlin and lois vaughn

the peach, pear and plum orchard was in bloom:

Crataegus aestivalis or mayhaw
Crataegus aestivalis or mayhaw

the carrots were ready to harvest:

pullin' Daucus carrota ssp. sativus
pullin' Daucus carrota ssp. sativus

the spinach was harvested while the shallots were producing offsets:

Spinacia oleracea and Allium cepa
Spinacia oleracea and Allium cepa

and the potatoes and tomatoes were ready to be planted:

leaning tree farm_0171
the furrows await Solanum while Brassica juncea holds steady

throughout the tour, the vaughns relayed stories about the farm that has been in garlin’s family since the 1930’s.  during 45 years of marriage, the farm has become their home and way of life.  with an ever-increasing plan for more vegetable beds, herb boxes and orchard trees to provide their customers, the days are never dull.  folks at the farmers’ market are lucky to have such dedicated and generous farmers to call on as their own.  the quality of the produce says that, as do the smiles on their faces.  here’s to leaning tree farm, and the finest minted lemonade around…

an honest to goodness texan truck farm
an honest to goodness texan truck farm

3 thoughts on “march locavores

  1. Nice way to see the new digs, Ms. A! Looks like you’ve already found some great local stuff to make it feel like home. Lemonade weather already?! 🙂

    • thanks lady. i thought it’d be a spring like way to show what we’ve been up to the past few months… one of these days i’ll get to post about it… maybe if i didn’t go on all these wonderfully distracting field trips…

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