color inspiration

a recent distraction led me to the pantone 2009 spring color forecast.  seeing that it’s march already, i feel a bit unprepared, but i realize the fashion world likes to keep us on our toes.  one of the featured designers at this years fashion week, tia cibani, was inspired by the canadian artist emily carr, and her “animated landscapes of trees and totems…”  i’ve not heard of her before, but the designer’s description of her work quickly led me to google.  i thought  i’d share my findings with you:

emily carr.  above the trees #46
emily carr. above the trees #46
emily carr.  somberness sunlit
emily carr. somberness sunlit
emily carr.  scorned as timber #48
emily carr. scorned as timber #48

i think the last image includes the most colors of this year’s spring season, according to pantone anyhow.  i think emily’s muted tones better capture the mood of the current issues we’re dealing with, but i guess i can appreciate the fashion world trying to imbue a sense of positivity and opportunity… mimosa, anyone…?


7 thoughts on “color inspiration

  1. I like mimosa! I think that was a good color choice-we need something bright and cheery. I also really like those first two works by Emily Carr, oddly enough (they’re not really what I would consider “my style.”) The third one is a bit depressing, even if it does display the most colors from the spring season.

    • hey dreamybee – i know, the last image looks a bit lonesome, if not depressing… but it got the “totem” part of her imagery across. at least there’s one or two left standing…

  2. I’m back. I see you’re in Texas. It looks like your blog is not showing up on your Blotanical page… not sure why. Very curious about your screen name/blog name.

    • hi alice – thanks for visiting! i’ll have to see why the blog isn’t showing up on blotanical – thanks for letting me know!

  3. I’d love a mimosa, thank you, right after this coffee wakes me up. These paintings are stunning, and calling one “Scorned as Timber,” well, that’s a downer at the same time it’s a blessing in disguise. I’d never heard of Ms. Carr but now I want to know a lot more–thanks for sharing her! Funny this business, and I do mean business, of colors and fashion. But I might have called that Pantone swatch “Solidago.” The economy could learn something from such lovely weeds.

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