february bloom day

it’s the 15th of the month, and you know what that means – garden bloggers’ bloom day.  started two years ago by may dreams gardens, it’s a way to share what’s blooming in our gardens.

for my first bloom day, i’m happy to share this bloom with you, Heuchera sp:

Heuchera sp
Heuchera sp

this Heuchera, or pink coral bell, is especially dear to my heart, as it originated in the garden(s) i grew up tending with my mom in michigan.  it’s since come with me to rhode island, and then to new york.  while i wasn’t afforded all the space i intended for plants on the move down to texas, this is the one perennial that found a safe harbor amongst the boxes in our personal vehicle.  i quickly found a place to plant it by the front walk so that it could remind me of all the homes we’ve shared.  hopefully it will continue to grow and bloom, indicating another place where garden is home.


13 thoughts on “february bloom day

  1. Lovely blooms, there! Coral bells are one of my favorites, too, for a similar reason. There were some planted by the previous owners at the first house my husband and I bought. I don’t remember if I took any with me, but I have continued to grow them, and have tried different varieties over the years.

    • thanks sue – i’ve tried some of the new heucheras as well, but this old classic takes the cake!

  2. Aww, so pretty. I remember the row of them along the sidewalk at your old place and the impact it made. And now I learn the backstory 🙂 I hope it likes the new home. xo

    • i was hoping to re*create the border of coral bells here too, but alas, i think the full southern exposure out front is going to be too harsh for them. might be possible out back where there’s a bit more shade up against the house. hmmmm…

  3. Love your banner on your blog!
    Coral Bell is a favorite of mine too.
    I have carried around and transplanted clumps from my mother’s Vermont farm for years. A~

    • a big thanks from one andrea to another! i see you dabble in the sewing arts as well – love your tyvek lunchbag!

  4. Beautiful! Isn’t it amazing, the things we will do to take our plants with us? How great that yours has made it with you through so many moves.

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