and they’re off…

so the bug has finally bit me to start this blog.  been meaning to for a few months now, but one thing or another distracted me.  like figuring out what to do with our newly acquired expanse of st. augustine grass.  at our last place in ithaca (upstate ny), we had a mere 6′ x 8′ bit of cool-season lawn that was quickly clipped with a reel mower.  the rest was planted with ornamentals and unusual vegetables that often got the neighbors talking.  we soon realized the maintenance of our new texas-style “lawn” didn’t quite fit with our gardening lifestyle and that we’d have to start all over again.  from scratch.  it might take us a while, but we’ll eventually make our mark on the new plot, and hopefully, get the neighbors talking again…

the blank slate of st. augustine
the backyard slate of st. augustine
ithaca garden front porch
ithaca front porch garden
ithaca back terrace garden
ithaca back terrace garden

11 thoughts on “and they’re off…

  1. The title of your blog piqued my curiosity…. I am very excited for you getting an opportunity to create another spectacular tapestry like you created in Ithaca. I look forward to following its development!

    • hey teza, thanks for the comment. if anything else, the title of my blog is a gentle reminder that that we each have to set our own roots into whatever we have, no matter where we are or what we have… hopefully good things will follow…

  2. If your garden could be that lovely in NY, you will surely succeed in TX. You’ll probably need to sacrifice a few favorites for some you’ve never grown before…but I’m sure your green thumb will work wonders!

    • thanks jan. i know peonies are out of the question here, but i bet something else will soon make up for it.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    How fun to see your blog. Can’t wait for the transformation from the green rectangle to a TX-style garden. Have you seen any bees (killer or otherwise?). Mine were flying last week during the warm days.

    • hey barb! i actually saw one honey bee yesterday and wondered where all her friends were… glad to hear yours were out and about, and that you got a bit of a warm spell too! spring will be there before you know it! xox.

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